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Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Antonio

This is a "WordPress" site (https://wordpress.com/). WordPress is a non-profit organization that provides web site development tools optimized for individuals, businesses and organization that wish to build and maintain their own Web sites. The WordPress sites have special host server, coding and other very specific design requirements. In the local Ronald McDonald House organization's case, this site also had to meet additional design requirments from the national Ronald McDonald House organization, which looked to provide a common design to all their chapter sites.

International Society of Burn Injuries

This is an international organization that supports burn patients. The site is both informational and "dynamic", since it uses database functionality to manage membership lists, event signups, etc. The site includes active connectivity to other burn injury support sites and organizations.

New Site
Old Site

San Antonio Medical Group Management Association - SAMGMA

This is a "legacy" site, where the client asked me to take over maintenance, improvements, and modifications. The previous site, shown on the right above, is an older design. I updated content, added Pay Pal functionality for online event registrations, and made it a "dynamic" site, which means they can now use a database with their Web site to track members, events, registrations, etc. - all online. I also implemented a new design that is "mobile friendly". This means the site will adjust gracefully to the size of the viewers screen, whether that screen is on a tablet or even a cell phone.

Military Officers Association - San Antonio & Texas

I built and maintain the site as a free service as part of my commitment to our veterans (I am one myself). I have completed numerous design updates for MOAA-SA, each of which has won national awards.

New Site
Old Site

Association of the US Army - Alamo Chapter

This was my second "mobile friendly" site and another "legacy" site, where the previous site, shown on the right above, is an older design that uses a lot of "nested" tables to position text and graphics. In the new site, I updated content, and added Pay Pal functionality for online event registrations.


Masters Leadership Program of San Antonio

This was one of my most demanding sites. They have since replaced the site with another one, but I include it here to highligh its complexity. It was actually three sites: one for the non-profit program.one for an associated Alumni Association, and a third "administrative" site that allowed the organization staff to modify their database and web pages themselves. It was a "dynamic" or database driven site, with password protected sections, event registration and payment, major searches of a multi-table database of events, registrants, students and alumni, web application forms and even dynamic, printable forms used by the organization's Board of Directors. I also built it with lots of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) structural elements.

Petras Salon & Botique

A small business site that understandably puts a premium on cutting edge design. I designed the logo/banner and set up a "Facebook" feed. I also provide regular maintenance, usually in the form of updating sales and promotional items for sale and displayed on interior pages.

Daughters of Chairity Services San Antonio

Daughters of Charity of San Antonio

This site is now different, since the organization decided to go with an in-house Web designer who wanted to use a simpler design. However, I keep this design up here to highlight my first "bilingual" site. I enjoyed the process involved in essentially building two sites: one in English and one in Spanish. Since I do not know Spanish, this was only possible with some really active and creative support and guidance from my client. This was a great example of a "collaboration" with my client as team mate.