Abby Consulting

my services...

Web site development is more than simply coding basic HTML pages and publishing them to an Internet hosting service. An effective site, one that clearly and effectively supports your mission or business objectives, will likely require a wide range of Internet technology related services, functions and processes.

Moreover, the Web continues to grow in more than size. New technologies offer new opportunities for your use. While content is clearly "king", your Web site will draw more attention - more visitors - to some extent based on how well you apply those new technologies to your organization or business requirements.

I work hard to maintain currency with these new technologies, so that I can better support you. My service include but are not limited to the ones listed below:

  • Web site planning, design, and construction

  • Site maintenance and modification

  • Web Applications, such as

    • Forum or "Message Board"

    • Calendars

    • Guest book

    • Photo Albums - I have several ways to make albums, including free software that the client can use to make and update their own albums.

    • Web Poll or Survey

    • Chat Room

    • Document storage, listing, and download

    • Flash enhancements

    • Search Optimization

    • Dynamic sites with database functionality

    • Site security, login and password support

    • Social media functions and guidance for "Blogs", "Twitter", "Facebook"/"Linkedin", Wikis, etc.

  • Graphics design and construction, including logos

  • Site content research and development

  • Database design, management and site integration

  • Site implementation or "publishing" support

my fees ...

non-profits ...

  • I design and build Web sites for non-profit organizations at no cost.
  • Text, graphics and other content is normally provided by the client, though I can often help.

commercial or businesses...

    • My typical fee for commercial Web site work is $60/hour.
    • However, fees are negotiable and will vary depending on whether the site is "static" or "dynamic" (needs database functionality), the degree of client provided material and support, my opportunity for follow-on work such as site maintenance, and other factors.