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I typically produce a formal "Site Proposal" document for my clients. In this document, I attempt to capture the essential requirements, functions and processes that we have agreed are necessary for your site.

I've found that a written document clarifies our more informal, verbal discussions. It is not uncommon that what I've heard in our requirements discussions is not exactly what you were trying to say. By capturing my impressions in a Site Proposal, we have a good opportunity to correct any misunderstanding before I begin the actual site construction.

The following is a sample Site Proposal, with generic but common terms that should provide an idea of what you might expect to see in your final proposal. This is very much a draft document and your Site Proposal could differ substantially in the details.

Of course, all terms, conditions and other statements are subject to discussion and revision. I want the final proposal to accurately reflect your needs and my guidance.

Please contact me if this example generates any questions or comments.

the agreement (an example)...