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Who I Am

about me…

I am a retired Air Force Colonel, the founder of a non-profit organization that taught computing to senior citizens, a former Chief Information Officer of a San Antonio software company, and now a Web designer.

I was a career Intelligence officer in the Air Force, specializing in Soviet Affairs. I retired in 1993, after 25 years in assignments ranging from South East Asia to South Dakota, from the Pentagon to Korea. It was during my Air Force years that I began my interest in computing.

After retirement from the Air Force, I returned to school to learn more about computing, attending San Antonio College (SAC) and UTSA. While still going to school, I started a non-profit organization (Seniorcomp) with the help of volunteers from a local PC Club. We conducted classes for seniors (55 and over) on computers and computing. It was fun, rewarding, and a great introduction to the world of non-profits and the rewards that come with giving back to my community.

Also, a few years after retirement, I joined OnBoard Software, a new software company here in San Antonio. Officially, I was the company’s Chief Information Officer. Actually, I was “jack of all trades” (and, yes, master of none), filling multiple positions simultaneously, ranging from Chief Operations Officer to Human Relations, until the company grew large enough to need and find full time professionals for the jobs. While the company has since been sold and I left for my second retirement, my time there greatly increased my knowledge on issues ranging from software development processes to good business practices.

My Business

about abby consulting…

I have been in the Web design business since 2002. My first client was a local roofing firm and and my biggest job was the year and a half I spent working on Brake Check’s Web site and Intranet. I continue to provide Web design support for a wide variety commercial clients.

Soon after I started in business for myself, however, I was asked to help a local non-profit set up its first Web site. I found that experience so enjoyable and rewarding, that I began to specialize in support for non-profit’s who were looking to start or improve their presence on the Internet.

I love working with computers and computing; apparently, I was a “closet geek” my whole life and just never knew it. I have the time, inclination, and ability to stay up with the latest Internet technologies and I can help you apply those technologies appropriately and effectively on your Web sites.

Also, I thoroughly enjoy the people I get to work with, especially my non-profit clients. I appreciate and share their commitment to help their community and specifically set my rates and support policies in ways that encourage them to use my services. Since I’m now into my second retirement, I am able to to provide especially competitive rates and a very high degree of personal attention to both my non-profit and business clients.

As a one-man Web design shop, I specialize in non-profit and local business Web sites. I’ve been in business here in San Antonio since 2002.

Please feel free to contact me about your interest in a Web site, whether you will be new to the Internet or are simply exploring how you can improve an existing site. Our discussions imply no obligation on your part and, of course, are no cost.

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